Community Awards Launch

Will your 2022 Fair Luxury Pledge be a winner of our inaugural Community Awards?

We are excited to announce the launch of the Fair Luxury Pledge Community Awards.

It’s the latest development in the Fair Luxury Pledge initiative, which was launched in January 2021 as a framework for members of the jewellery industry to adopt a more ethical approach to their operations. The scheme encourages industry professionals to identify areas for improvement within their businesses, commit to a particular change, and work towards it via steps that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). In doing so, it encourages jewellery businesses to think about ways of working that are more responsible, transparent and accountable, whilst creating a community for industry peers who wish to inspire one another and share knowledge.

In 2022, Fair Luxury is celebrating the successes and commitment of their Pledgers by offering a community awards ceremony to formally recognise individuals who have gone above and beyond to better their businesses.

Any Pledge officially submitted this year via our online Pledge form is entered into the awards. Those who have yet to make a 2022 Pledge are encouraged to do so, and any of the 130+ individuals who Pledged in 2021 are invited to submit a new Pledge or carry their 2021 Pledge over to this year by re-submitting it.

The awards will be split into two categories:

‘Business Practise’ – encompassing Pledges relating to consumer education, industry engagement, progress towards certification and other innovative activities

‘Materials and Sourcing’ – including Pledges that relate to improvements within supply chains and the sourcing of metals, gemstones and packaging.

Five applicants from each category will be shortlisted by the Fair Luxury Pledge team. Pledges will be judged based on the extent to which they are SMART, the level of progress and passion shown by each Pledger in attempting to achieve the outcome, and the role each Pledger played in promoting the campaign to others.

The winner of each category will then be selected from the shortlist by a panel of three independent industry judges, receiving the Pledge Community Awards Winner 2022 badge, a certificate and a feature in a ‘Fair Luxury Pledge Winners’ press release distributed to trade titles.

The deadline for Pledges eligible for the awards is 30th June 2022, allowing entrants five months to make progress on their Pledge before judging. Entrants will be asked to submit feedback on their Pledge progress in January 2023, before winners are announced at a virtual ceremony in February 2023.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our growing community of inspiring, knowledgeable, passionate and like-minded people and be in with the chance of having your hard work recognised by the industry.