About Fair Luxury

Fair Luxury is a collaboration of jewellery industry changemakers with a vision for a responsible and sustainable future.
The pathway to responsible business is complex and challenging; Fair Luxury’s purpose is to share collective experiences and to inspire and inform other professionals to take positive steps towards a sustainable industry.


sharing a broad range viewpoints, information and opportunities to learn.

providing access to information and people that enable change.

sharing, listening, questioning and debating to collaborate for better solutions.

acting as a catalyst to inspire the jewellery industry, and jewellery consumers to take action for a better future

providing forums for learning, debate and networking


We are a completely independent group within the jewellery world working towards greater traceability, responsible sourcing and sustainability. We represent different aspects of the industry including miners, refiners,manufacturers, designers, makers and retailers as well as advocates and educators – and aim to lead by example in each of our specialities.

We hope to educate, challenge and inspire others to follow responsible sourcing practices by creating an open platform for discussion and debate of those issues surrounding ethics and sustainability in today’s jewellery industry and build on the energy generated by our events and events in the World at Large to create an evolving and appropriate programme that not only covers those topics felt most in need of debate but also, more importantly, encourages real change through knowledge, collaboration and action.

By working together we can bring about positive change and generate universal benefits for all individuals and businesses involved in the creation and sale of each piece of jewellery sold today. We do not claim to have all the answers, but are willing to pose the difficult questions and encourage sustainable practice in the ways in which jewellery is sourced, made, and sold in the UK and throughout the world.

David Crump,
Head of Business Incubation,
Cockpit Arts

As Head of Business Incubation at Cockpit Arts, David leads the business support team, helping some 170 designer-maker studio holders develop sustainable craft businesses. He is also responsible for Cockpit Arts’ consulting arm, which sees the “Cockpit Effect” offered to makers and organisations in the UK and overseas, and is currently working on a pilot project with the British Council, developing ways to support social entrepreneurship within the creative sector in Thailand and Indonesia. David is also an Advisory Board Member for US-based Ethical Metalsmiths a group with over 10 years’ experience of working directly with jewellers and metalsmiths (student, professional and hobbyist) to raise awareness of material sourcing issues and harmful studio / manufacturing practices.

From 2011 to 2014, David was the Commercial Manager with Vipa Designs where he was instrumental in developing that company’s responsible sourcing offering, building links with the Fairtrade Foundation, ARM and various other certification bodies. It was whilst at Vipa that David initiated what has become the Fair Luxury network.

Rachel Sweeney, co-owner,
Cox & Power

Rachel has worked within the jewellery industry for over 30 years and launched Cox & Power in 1994 as one of the first jewellers to combine bespoke craftsmanship with a fresh approach to retail, designing and making modern jewellery from their central London shop and studio.

Fairtrade and Fairmined licensees, they are working towards developing responsible practice both in the creation of their jewellery and building awareness through client relationships and supporting initiatives and events in the wider trade community.

Amanda Li Hope,
Jewellery designer and maker

Amanda Li Hope is a London based designer-maker who was one of the world’s first Fairtrade gold licensees. With a background in sustainable architecture, Amanda strongly believes that every step in the designing and making process should be responsibly managed and have a positive impact. Every step of the making process is transparently communicated including from where the materials are sourced, practices in the workshop, to the design and manufacture of the final piece itself.

Anna Loucah,
Designer-maker, Annaloucah

Annaloucah is an award-winning designer goldsmith based in central London. As one of the world’s first Fairtrade gold licensees, Anna believes passionately in working towards positive change within the UK jewellery industry by offering luxury without compromise.

Always a keen collaborator, Anna’s first major Fairtrade commissions where as part of Livia Firth’s ‘Green Carpet Challenge’. During this time, Anna saw her bespoke, handcrafted jewellery on the red carpets of international film awards ceremonies such as the Oscars and The Golden Globes.

Whilst continuing to specialise in one of a kind creations, Anna has also recently broadened her range to include ‘ready to wear’ and limited edition pieces – so aiming to bring a little Fairtrade luxury into our everyday lives.

Stuart Pool,
Director, Nineteen48

Stuart is a specialist in responsibly-mined and fully-traceable coloured gemstones, mainly sourced directly from mines in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. He runs gem trading companies Nineteen48 (www.nineteen48.com), Rubyfair (www.rubyfair.com) and Crown Gems, as well as being a co-founder of Fair Luxury, a group focused on positive change in the jewellery industry.

Stuart works very closely with local mine owners to provide a “mine-to- market” service, from extracting the rough gem material and the cutting and polishing of gemstones, right up to the sale of gems to the end customer, both wholesale and retail.

Stuart’s companies support charitable projects in both Sri Lanka and the UK and he is also committed to educating the widest possible audience about the issues within the jewellery sector. He is supportive of many initiatives and programmes within the industry which are trying to improve conditions and benefits for those involved in all stages of the supply chains for diamonds, precious metals and coloured gems.

Jane Barnett,
Operations Manager,
Levin Sources

Levin Sources provides research & advisory and training & facilitation services to businesses and interested stakeholders along mineral value chains. Their work enables responsible mining and sourcing and best practice artisanal and small-scale mining. Levin Sources creates customised solutions for clients to address sustainability issues and build resilient futures.

Jane provides administrative and operational support for all the team at Levin Sources. She runs the global operations and supports staff, associates and clients across four continents. Jane uses her strong administrative and communication skills gained from over 25 years in private sector operations to manage finances, contracts, human resources, travel, and back-office functions.

The company’s work encompasses both the downstream segment (jewellery) and the upstream segment (mining, trading, transport and refining) and aims to raise awareness along the jewellery supply chain to go beyond compliance to achieve broader sustainability and international development goals.

Naqiyah Sultan,
Founder, Kashka

KASHKA London jewellery believes chic and everyday designer jewellery can be made ethically and sustainably with love. No child labour, no harm to the environment, no mass-produced wares, no unfairly paid miners and makers; just quality jewellery made by small family businesses which pride themselves on authenticity and integrity to the world around them. Here at KASHKA London, we work to ensure traceable raw material is transformed in to exceptional modern designs. We design jewellery for independent, bright, sparky and ambitious women with their own individual styles who wear everything in their own way. Minimal forms and updated traditional shapes are infused effortlessly with mixed metals contrasts, hand-hammered textures, and vibrant coloured stones. We believe jewellery can be done differently, inspiring fashionistas world over to wear their story with consciousness.

Arabel Lebrusan,
Founder, Arabel Lebrusan

Arabel Lebrusan, studied gemmology, jewellery and fine arts in Spain and Holland, before arriving in London to take her MA in jewellery design at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design.

Prior to that, years spent visiting jewellery factories and production lines around the world provided her life-changing insight on the impact of non-ethical practices on the environment, workers and communities.

Upon graduating, she set out with a very clear vision and a passionate determination to establish herself as a champion of ethical jewellery design and production. Following a three-year stint as Creative Director of Leblas Jewellery in London’s Sloane Street, she launched her own exclusive signature collection.

Today’s Arabel Lebrusan designs are tomorrow’s heirlooms to treasure, each iconic piece created with a passion and Fairtrade and ethical principals at its heart. Made by master craftsmen in the UK and in her native Spain they are worn by stylish women the world over, from Queen Letizia of Spain to Hollywood actress, Sienna Miller.

When she is not creating stunning jewellery, the multi-award winning designer and gemologist uses her success as a platform to continue promoting the importance of ethical jewellery to a wider audience. A passionate voice for industry change, she recently addedNational Associate of Jewellers UK Jewellery Designer of the Year 2017 to her growing list of accolades.


Image: Emma Hare

Sarah Greenaway,
Founder, Mosami

Sarah Greenaway is an ethical jeweller with a passion for intelligent supply chains that treat planet and people responsibly, and a fascination for the intuitive language of symbolism.

She has over 20 years’ experience in developing and managing brands and has worked on every aspect of product, category and brand management. Her passion for the ethical/environmental agenda and desire to “walk the talk” led her to found her ethical jewellery brand Mosami where she is exploring how to run a business differently and on ethical principles.

Sarah believes that brands with purpose at their heart will be the successful brands of the future and also works as a consultant helping companies to embed purpose and values into their brand DNA and develop narratives that can blend seamlessly into brand communications.

Friends and Collaborators

The work Fair Luxury is doing has only been possible with a massive amount of help support and collaboration with our wider Fair Luxury community. We would particularly like to acknowledge the ongoing support and contribution of the following people and organisations:

The Goldsmiths’ Centre
Dr Peter Oakley
Mary Michel and The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh
Estelle Levin and Levin Sources
Birmingham Assay Office